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The Alvo Institute provides design, implimentation and professional development services to help schools, districts and educational agencies design, implement and sustainably operate innovative, 21st century classrooms. Founded in 2008, Alvo was the first technology agnostic firm in the country to help schools design and implement blended learning.

Alvo has served a wide range of clients including schools and districts in urban districts such as Los Angeles and Oakland, charter schools such as Summit Public Schools, KIPP Courage Houston, KIPP National, Alpha Public Schools and Da Vinci, rural districts in Oregon and Illinois, and independent schools in New York, Baltimore and Cleveland.  The team has also supported a virtual cohort of over 40 schools in Canada, The US and Mexico.  Alvo has been recommended by leaders in the field to advise educational, governmental and philanthropic organizations in the US as well as Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

Experience Matters: Alvo’s Team of Educators Supported the Country’s Earliest Adopters of Blended

As one of the first firms in the country supporting implementation of Blended Learning as a path to personalization, Alvo has developed a unique focus on 21st Century school design and the corresponding professional development needs of teachers and administrators. As we have learned since launching in 2008, it is only through sound district and state policy, strong site leadership and effective teacher practice that the promise of Blended Learning can be realized.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Alvo is our team.  Unlike too many firms doing this work, we are all former classroom educators and/or school and educational organization leaders . We know how to connect with educational practitioners, To learn more about why we do this work, please view our videos. (http://www.youtube.com/embed/EOkHblESJUc)

Alvo’s Unique Theory of Action

Our theory of action is simple; highly differentiated, personalized instruction, supported by Blended Learning, will lead to improved academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students and in turn, a significantly higher percentage of students will experience success in post-secondary education, citizenship and ultimately the workplace.

At Alvo, we believe that Blended Learning is a deep and deliberate expression of differentiated instruction that can lead to personalized learning paths for each student. Alvo believes that Blended Learning combines the best from traditional instruction together with the best online instructional innovations. In a Blended model, teachers and students make decisions about a student’s instructional experiences based on close and regular analysis of student data. The opportunity for personalized instruction is deep, but will vary depending on the specific model. We believe that Blended is the most efficient and effective path to support personalization.

Alvo does not believe that technology is the central element of a great Blended Learning design, which is why Alvo is one of the few instructional design firms that do not sell technology.  Instead, we design programs around how to use data to personalize learning for all students and to maximize the human and financial resources within schools. Technology fits around the instructional design.

With good intentions and a sense of urgency to give students the very best, we have seen too many schools rush into a blended learning implementation, convinced they can and must “build the plane as they fly.” At Alvo, we believe that you can’t build a plane as you fly it when you are carrying other people’s children on board. We believe in a strong initial design and planning phase, supporting an implementation with careful monitoring and support.  A successful initial launch will lead to innovation that is long-term, sustainable and systemic.

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Why Do We Do This Work?

Alvo is a team of experienced educators who are passionate about creating environments where children can thrive. Learn more about what gets the Alvo team up in the morning.
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Why The Name Alvo?

When our founders began traveling around California to talk about the impediments to realizing the a robust data culture, they used a graphical image that looked like a bull’s-eye. Rebecca, an ardent non-violence advocate, thought calling it a bull’s-eye was too war-like. Russ, a fluent Portuguese speaker having lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, suggested they call it the alvo—Portuguese for bull’s-eye. Everything sounds luscious and peaceful in Portuguese.

For the Alvo Team, Alvo became the name of the thing they dreamed of doing: creating an institute to help educators navigate the waters of emerging technologies in order to dream, design and deliver innovative programs that help student achievement thrive. Today, the alvo symbolizes the data-driven, targeted, and results-oriented methods that The Alvo Institute uses to help educators dream, design, and deliver their instructional nirvana.