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 For our 8-week online course to help you plan your blended learning program around student achievement, and avoid the costly, and common, mistakes.  

From Theory to Action:

Planning for Blended Innovation

An online design and planning course and virtual collaboration space for educators who want to transform teaching and learning with blended learning.


“This course from The Alvo Institute is stunning in its depth of translating theory to action and stimulating great conversations among educators to produce breakthrough learning.” 

 Michael B. Horn, Co-Author of 

Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools


Registration is now open for the Fall Session.  

Spaces are limited and will fill up quickly so register soon!

Fall Session Runs September 14 – November 8, 2015 

The Alvo’s Institute’s Practitioners’ Circles bring together researchers and educators from across the country to form a virtual innovators’ roundtable. Alvo is excited to offer another session from The Blended Learning Practitioners’ Circle series. This session is titled “From Theory to Action:  Planning for Blended Innovation ”. Join us for an eight-week exploration of blended learning with a focus on moving from theory to action as participants learn how to mobilize their teams, identify how blended can support clear, measurable goals, and develop detailed plans for a successful, on time and on budget blended learning launch.

Who should enroll? 

This course is ideal for school & district team members, including teachers, who are leading, or thinking about leading, blended learning work.

In collaboration with innovative peers and experts on blended learning as a path to personalization, participants will…….

    • Develop a definition of what blended learning is and can be (and what it is not)
    • Take a needs assessment, mobilize a team and connect the blended work to the broader school/district goals
    • Explore different blended learning models; select a model based on student needs, logistical realities and stratigic goals
    • Compile a collection of supports needed to ensure success and a cycle of continuous improvement
    • Create a resource plan to determine the human and financial capital and resources needed to move forward
    • Develop a detailed design and launch plan to ensure an effective blended program launches on time and on budget

Praise For From Theory to Action from Past Participants

This entire course is a stellar model for learning from which we can set our course.

This class has been challenging.  It has taken me out of my comfort zone. The sharing of ideas, sites, and strategies has strengthened my professional skills and commitment to the optimal learning opportunities that blended learning can provide.

There is significant expertise demonstrated in the resources and those will be of benefit to my organization. Keep feeding us things that have worked well in at least some settings. We will take from that what we can, make it our own, and implement in each of our unique settings.”

The interactive content helps to keep us as learners engaged instead of a “sit and get” or just asking a question in the chat room.

What does participation look like? You decide. You choose. 

This is a GREAT introduction to being an online learner before you help your students become online and blended learners.  You control pace, content and when you work.

All participants will begin the course by taking Alvo’s Blended Learning Instructional Competencies Assessment. Each participant will receive a customized report based on his or her survey results.  Participants will use this self-reflective report as a guide to help them navigate and prioritize their way through the bounty of content and resource options.

  • You decide how deep you go and what topics you explore. Choose from a rich variety of research articles, case studies, videos, templates and interactive forums all online. Optional assessments let you check your own understanding.
  • You choose from at least 2 live interactive webinars per week. Webinars feature guest panelists and experts from the field. All webinars will be recorded and available for viewing at a time that works for you.
  • You decide which research and Reading Circles to join. Choose from a variety of ways participants can discuss the readings and latest research and reports each week. We encourage participants to read some common texts to create a shared language among participants, including from Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker, 2 reports on blended learning from The Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, as well as up to 6 Alvo published videos, blogs, white papers and case studies, but unless you are taking this course for credit (not all traditional credit systems have caught up to competency based ed yet), you decide what you read and what you don’t.

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$220 early bird registration for the fall session ends Sept 4th.

Regular registration is $350.

Use this link for discount information for groups of 20 or more.

Spaces will fill up quickly.

The (good news) small print. Registration fees include full access to online resources, Alvo and The Christensen Institute readings, videos, forums and weekly live webinars with experienced and successful practitioners, and we will buy you a copy of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools in your choice of hard copy or digital format.  

If you have any difficulties please email [email protected].     

 **NOTE: This course will begin to explore classroom practice, but the focus is on planning for the introduction of blended into a district/school/classroom.  For info on implementing blended in the classroom please look at our other supports or contact [email protected] for more details on blended in the classroom.)