Live Webinars

Alvo hosts regular live and interactive webinars every month. You can join as a one-time participant or as part of a comprehensive professional development package.

Our webinars are now aligned to Alvo’s Blended Learning Competencies™. If you have received a Blended Learning Competencies Customized Report you can now select webinars that will help you explore the specific skills in your customized report. For more info about this customized report, please email [email protected].

If you are a current Alvo client with a PD package, these webinar sessions are included in your school’s plan and you can click here to sign up. If you are not a current Alvo client, please register for webinars below.

Registration costs for the webinars included in the PD packages for all of our current clients. If you are not a current Alvo client, registration is $45 per participant, per webinar. The Overview of Blended Learning webinar is only $25 per participant. New to blended learning? Start with our Overview of Blended Learning.

Our webinars are grouped according to Alvo’s Four Pillars of Blended Learning. Click a tab below to see webinar topics. Click + to view alignment to Alvo’s Competencies (based on the Four Pillars), plus upcoming dates and links to registration.

Student DataInstruction & AssessmentClassroom Culture & Student EngagementInnovative Practice
Do You Know the Laws Around Using Student Data? Learning about FERPA and other Laws Governing How Teachers Can and Cannot Use Student Data
Lesson Planning in a Blended Learning Classroom: An Overview
Integrating Project-based Learning in a Next Gen Setting
Competency-based Grading and Assessment
How Can Blended Learning Accelerate the Academic Achievement of English Learners?
Focus on Classroom Procedures in a Blended Learning Setting
Phasing Technology into the Classroom
Teaching Students to be Innovators in Your Classroom
How Next Gen Learning Supports Social Emotional Learning
Overview of Blended Learning
Developing the Innovator’s Mindset
Developing the Innovator’s Mindset for Your School(s)
Why Wait for Your School to Change? Why Innovation Matters in Classrooms Now
Generating Stakeholder Buy-In to a Blended Learning Approach
Working with Reluctant Parents
Working with Reluctant Students
Overview of Next Gen Learning and The Steps Needed to Design and Launch Your Program

Important Notes for Webinar Participants:

  • Webinar participants must enter the GoTo Meeting/Webinar at least 20 minutes in advance of their first time using the system to make sure they’re set up properly and ready to begin the session on time.
  • GoToMeeting/Webinar requires a small download the first time it is used on a computer. Participants can then confirm their connection, test the audio, etc.
  • We recommend using a headset rather than the computer’s speakers/microphone for the best experience. An alternative is to view the visuals on the computer but call in with a phone to hear the audio.
  • A steady and fast internet connection will ensure no interruption of the session.
  • Please note that times given are Eastern Time (EST or EDT).