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Data Culture Matters      

Data is all the rage in public education reform discussions.                                                                            Alvo Participants Discuss Data


Districts, school leaders and teachers are under pressure to make “data driven decisions”, but often without the support, tools and training they need to build effective data capacity and cultures. 


The Alvo Institute’s research has proven that effective data infused schools with high student achievement demonstrate mastery in three key areas which we call The Data Fundamentals: Data Management, Data Use and Data Attitudes & Perceptions.  

The Alvo Institute works closely with educational organizations to develop deep cultures of data where student achievement can thrive.  We help schools and organizations move from a needs assessment, into tactical planning, to implementation and finally to ongoing evaluation of a school’s overall data program.                                                                                                  


We as teachers need to realize that student data

    empowers us as teachers and should actually

    make our jobs easier if we know how to use it.”

                 - Alvo Institute Seminar Participant & Teacher, Oakland, CA

The Alvo Institute on the Move

Upcoming live workshops and presentations


The Broad Residency - Professional Development Session

Data Culture: Use, Management, Attitudes & Perceptions

March 8, 2011 - Denver, CO


California Charter Schools Association Conference*

Data Culture Does Matter.  Is Yours Ready to Support Student Achievement?   

March 9, 2011 - San Diego, CA                       More Info


Smith College - Women in Education*

Charting a Change in the Educational Landscape (panelist)

March 24-25, 2011 - Northampton, MA             More Info


* Open to the public


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"Teachers have a responsibility to use data to inform classroom instruction---and also to keep looking for different types of data to capture an increasingly accurate and complete picture of their students."

- Alvo Institute Seminar Participant & English Language Learner Teacher, Portland, OR