About Personalized Instruction and Blended Learning

At Alvo, We See Blended Learning as A Technology Enhanced Extension of Differentiated Instruction


Alvo’s definition of Blended Learning is inspired by Innosight’s definition with a data twist:

“Blended Learning brings together the best from traditional instruction together with the most relevant and appropriate online and technology-supported instructional innovations to create a variety of integrated instructional experiences. In a blended model, teachers and students make decisions about a student’s instructional experiences based on close and regular analysis of real time student data. The opportunity for personalized instruction is deep, but will vary depending on the specific model.”

We believe that blended learning is highly dependent on regular data use that drives thoughtful and creative differentiation. After years of talking about differentiation, the new generation of data management systems offer extraordinary opportunities to differentiate, whether in small groups or at the individual, personalized student level. The ability to work with real-time data in combination with the move towards using multiple curriculum and content providers (some online learning opportunities and some traditional texts) have significantly increased the possibilities for differentiation.

How Does Blended Learning Support Differentiation?
At Alvo, we believe that blended learning is really a technology enhanced support to deepen differentiation and complex instruction.  Watch this short video to learn more about how a blended model can help support your efforts to reach every child.