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The Alvo Institute provides hands-on consulting services to help schools design and sustainably operate innovative 21st century classrooms. Click here for a sample of our workshops and supports.

There are three phases to our work with schools:

The DREAM: We help schools dream about the nirvana environment for both students and teachers.Resources

The DESIGN: We help schools design the plan that meets the needs of their specific community.

The DELIVERY: We help schools deliver on their design with a careful work plan and professional development program that makes the dream and design come to life.

Our team of experienced educators, project managers, and data and education technology experts guide our clients through these three phases to create teacher led, data-driven and technology enhanced classrooms where every student can thrive.

How is Alvo Different from Other Companies
Alvo works with schools to design their blended programs around their instructional nirvana and their academic and logistical realities.  Our team of educators and tech specialists help school navigate the ever-changing ed tech landscape.  We are not beholden to any one tech tool so we help schools make choices that are good for their unique needs.

Alvo also offers Product Development and Piloting services for a limited number of clients interested in having their education technology products tested in school environments. Learn more here.