March 30, 2015 By Chase Davenport, Managing Director, The Alvo Institute I don’t generally find classroom to sport comparisons relevant.  Yet, the common language of sports, I think, helps to illustrate the potential of blended learning and importantly, the need for more sophisticated, robust performance based assessment. That said, I promise that what follows is.. read more →

from Rebecca Tomasini, Founder and CEO at The Alvo Institute  @alvoinstitute Michael Horn and Heather Staker Headline  The Alvo Institute’s First Blended Learning Practitioners’ Circle A Unique Professional Development Opportunity for Educational Leaders and Classroom Teachers Exploring Blended Learning Sponsored by  The Alvo Institute is excited to announce the launch of The Blended Learning Practitioners’ Circle. Join.. read more →

Remember those first days and weeks of school when it was still exciting to be assigned homework? Students have begun filling those crisp folders and using their freshly sharpened pencils. Teachers’ grade books likely already have a few entries. But the newness of the school year hasn’t worn off yet. If you’re one of many.. read more →

By Andrea Strosberg Instructional Design and Support Specialist, The Alvo Institute Yes, there are more moving parts to a blended lesson plan than what teachers might be used to. This top 10 list contains some lesson plan elements that will sound familiar, as well as some dimensions of plans unique to blended learning, giving a.. read more →

By Chase Davenport Managing Director of Instructional Design and Evaluation, The Alvo Institute Alvo has had the good fortune to support a small rural school district in Hamilton County Illinois in its transition from a traditional structure to blended learning. With a pilot group of experienced teachers, there has been rapid transformation. As the pictures.. read more →