Start to Finish Launch Package



With our research and practitioner-designed tools and facilitations, we will help to unlock your team’s deepest educational dreams of instructional excellence in personalized learning. Through in-person workshops and online sessions some of our Dream activities and deliverables can include:

  • Looking at case studies of current programs
  • White boarding an organization’s nirvana student experience
  • Conducting focus groups to unlock the dreams of all stakeholders and understand the needs across the organization


Too many schools rush through the design phase, convinced they can “build the plane as they fly.” We believe that you can’t build a plane as you fly it, if you are carrying other people’s children on board. We will carefully design and document your educational program, identify known risks and mitigation. We believe that truly innovative instructional programs will disrupt many areas of an educational organization, so our design work will always include a regular 360 reflection. Through in-person workshops and online content some of our Design activities and deliverables can include:

  • Reflective needs assessment to ensure the design is meeting the needs of the organization
  • Concrete details about how the design translates to a real day in the life for students and teachers
  • Narrative and graphical representation of your instructional program
  • Documentation of risks and mitigations
  • Measurable outcomes and evaluation plans to drive a cycle of continuous improvement
  • A resource plan to ensure there is a team with the right expertise and time to support the initiative


At Alvo, we believe strongly that great ideas are only as great as their implementation and on-going sustainability. Using a disciplined project management model, we help develop a process to ensure that all tasks are being accomplished on time, with the highest quality, and on budget. Through in-person workshops and online learning some of our Design activities and deliverables can include:

  • A detailed work plan with clear deliverables, milestones and dependencies
  • An implementation plan that anticipates the needs of those using the new program
  • A strategic plan for on-going support and implementation to ensure a sustainable, long term program

Interested in launching a blended pilot or program? Use the form below to contact Alvo and a member of our team will contact you to design an affordable and customized support plan that advances your blended goals.

Founder Rebecca Tomasini speaks about the power of Dreaming