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Blend Your PD: Alvo’s Online Innovation & Support Portal 

Do you like to work online? Enjoy the ability to log on when you feel ready? When it is quiet? Consider joining Alvo’s Online Professional Development delivered on Moodlerooms. The Online Professional Development is organized by themes and topics that are aligned to Alvo’s Personalized Instructional Competencies™ and Alvo’s Personalized Leadership Competencies™.

Resources in Alvo’s Online and Innovation Support Portal include a combination of asynchronous resources (choose the topics that work for you,  at your own pace, at times that work best for you) including activities, planning templates, rubrics, articles, forums, and recordings, and synchronous activities (real-time) such as webinars, live discussions and forums. These online options are ideal for schools with tight budgets and for educators who want to learn without sacrificing instructional time. Some topics covered through Alvo’s Online and Innovation Support Portal include:

  • Blended 101 “What Does BL Look Like?”
  • Developing The Innovator’s Mindset
  • Personalized PD Planning For Educators
  • Technology Infrastructure For A BL Setting
  • Selecting The Appropriate End User Devices
  • Selecting On-Line Learning Providers (OLPs)
  • Classroom Procedures
  • Lesson Planning In A BL Environment
  • Teacher Led Small Group Instruction
  • Releasing Instructional Authority To Students In Small Group Instruction
  • Using Exit Tickets And Other Data To Inform BL Class Instruction
  • Moving Towards Personalization
  • Integrating PLB Into A BL Setting
  • Competency Based Grading And Assessment
  • Teaching Students To Be Innovators In Your Classroom
  • How BL Supports Social And Emotional Learning