“Alvo [takes] the approach of: “Will this work for kids? What will this look like for teachers? And, as a result, is it really an effective approach for your particular model and your particular school?” Starting with that mindset is going to help us to make better decisions as we choose specific options for our school.” — John Glover, Founder of Alpha Public Schools, San Jose, California

“Alvo took our school to the next level. Not only are they educators who understand the realities of running a school, they have great expertise in and insights into personalization and are a blast to work with. Thanks to their support we were able to secure additional funding, increase our students’ achievement and bring our team to the next level.”Dr. Nicole Assisi, CEO & Founder of Thrive Public Schools, San Diego, CA

“I am able to really focus in on specific skills that I know the kids might be missing. The blended learning program (designed by Alvo) has really assisted the classroom teaching in that we are able to take the data that the learning lab provides for us and implement it into the classroom so we can see not only how the kids are performing in the learning lab but we can compare it to classroom performance and level them and group them and kind of fit their individual needs”. — Katelyn Prosser, 3rd Grade Teacher, Grimmway Academy, Arvin, California

“Working with Alvo has allowed us to continuously push our vision around Blended and Personalized Learning. Just like we are working to appropriately differentiate our school day experience to meet the needs of all learners; Rebecca and her team differentiate their support to meet the needs of all of our educators and as a result our ideas are continuously stretched and improved.”Eric M Schmidt, Founding School Leader, KIPP Courage, Houston, TX

“Rebecca and her team at Alvo helped us explore various design concepts and guided us through this complex procedure. The best thing about working with Alvo was their customized approach to providing support. Alvo allowed us to launch on time and with high quality.”Rabbi Netanel Gralla, Founding Principal at Yeshivat He’Atid, Bergenfield, NJ

“With the help of The Alvo Institute the blended program has just been amazing, the students love it and they are so engaged in the learning lab. It’s been a really positive experience and of course we’ve had incredible results with the work that we’ve done together, it’s been fantastic.”Barbara Grimm Marshall, Founder Grimmway Academy, Arvin, CA

Go here to watch and listen to Grimmway Academy Founder Barbara Grimm-Marshall and Founding Principal Jose Salas share what it was like to work with Alvo.