by Rebecca Tomasini, Founder and CEO, The Alvo Institute A recent EdWeek article K-12 Publishing, Ed-Tech Markets Seeing Sales Increases reports that ED-Tech and online content providers are posting record sales. As a champion of tech-enhanced classrooms, I am excited. I will be really excited when I see a report that shows a correlation between.. read more →

By Andrea Strosberg, Instructional Design and Support Specialist, The Alvo Institute January 28, 2014 Imagine a classroom where most of the students aren’t paying attention to their teacher. Sound alarming? In a blended learning classroom, this is actually the goal. Look closer: five students sit at a cluster of computers, bright-eyed and intently busy; small.. read more →

By Chase Davenport, The Alvo Institute In graduate school, I had the great fortune of taking one of Elizabeth Cohen’s courses, “Heterogeneous Grouping” (or some equally uninviting course name).  Word among my classmates was that if I wanted to leave graduate school with something practical, enroll in one of her classes.  So I did and.. read more →

By Rebecca Tomasini, Founder and CEO at The Alvo Institute I encourage you to watch this short video about how the promise of differentiation is being realized at Grimmway Academy in Arvin, CA and then read about how Blended Learning has helped me fulfill an old promise I made to myself nearly 20 years ago… read more →

14 Aug 2013
August 14, 2013

Blended Learning Gets to the Root of Great Instruction at Grimmway Academy

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By Rebecca Tomasini, Founder and CEO, The Alvo Institute I say “blended learning” and you say…….? Or, for you visual learners, I say blended learning and you see…….? When we ask these questions of school teams considering a blended learning program, responses often include: computers, online content, computer labs, personalized learning and iPads. Did any.. read more →