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The Alvo Institute’s First
Blended Learning Practitioners’ Circle

A Unique Professional Development Opportunity for Educational Leaders and Classroom Teachers Exploring Blended Learning

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The Alvo Institute is excited to announce the launch of The Blended Learning Practitioners’ Circle. Join us for an eight-week exploration of blended learning with a focus on moving from theory to action. Whether you are new to blended or refining your current blended model, this exciting collaborative will help you deepen your practice, expertise and vision.

Alvo’s first Practitioners’ Circle brings together researchers and educators from across the country to form a virtual innovators’ roundtable using the newly released book,Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, as a centerpiece. We are fortunate to be joined by the authors,Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker, who will bookend this eight-week blended learning intensive, each facilitating a live, interactive 2-hour webinar.

Alvo has been providing tech agnostic blended learning PD longer than any firm in the country. We have learned that encouraging school communities to engage in highly collaborative short cycles of innovation leads to long-term, sustainable change and measurable gains in student achievement.  In this 8-week intensive PD, practitioners will have opportunities to learn, try things in  their classrooms or schools, reflect, refine and share, each week.  Using Blended, already a top selling book, as core content, participants will have an opportunity to discuss current research, explore Alvo’s educator designed resources, test classroom based examples of blended practices, share their experiences and learn from the Nation’s earliest and most successful blended learning pioneers.

Heather Staker, Senior Research Fellow, The Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Michael B. Horn, Co-Founder, The Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

 We can’t think of a better way to expand your journey into blended learning than to explore Blended with AlvoMichael Horn, Heather Staker and other blended experts.Go as deep as you want into current research, explore the theory behind the models, discuss the practical implications, build a library of existing practices, test theories in your classroom with the support of an expert community, share your own insights, ask questions of experienced practitioners, preview the opportunities for disruptions and build on the body of knowledge so wonderfully articulated by Michael Horn and Heather Staker in Blended.

Early Bird Registration Closes Soon! Register Now!

This course is ideal for both classroom teachers and members of a school/district leadership team.  Early bird registration fee until December 1, 2014 at 5 p.m. is $320 (that is only $40 a week!). After that, registration is $450.  Registration fee includes:
  • Full access to online resources including forum discussions, lesson templates and more;
  • Weekly live webinars with experienced and successful practitioners, including both 2-hour webinars with Michael and Heather;
  • A copy of the Blended in hard copy or digital format.

Register here: Spaces will fill up quickly.  If you have any difficulties please email .

If you are a current Alvo client please email Rebecca at  directly for your discounted access to this extraordinary opportunity.

Thanks to The Circle’s Gold Sponsors at Illuminate Education

About the Alvo Institute

The Alvo Institute provides design, implementation and professional development services to help schools, districts and educational agencies design, implement and sustainably operate innovative, 21st century classrooms. Launched in 2009, Alvo was the first technology agnostic firm in the country to provide support and tools to help schools transition to blended methods.  Alvo supported some of the earliest blended schools in California and NJ, and is recognized in the US and abroad as the leader in blended learning instructional and school design and personalized PD, grounded in practical competencies that support teachers transiting to blended instruction.  Learn more About The Alvo Institute.


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