San Francisco, Calif. – Teachers and students can now access curriculum uploaded by educators in high-performing schools – resources that can be linked with any school system’s assessment data – thanks to a free technology platform called Activate Instruction, the Girard Education Foundation announced today.

Activate Instruction is an open platform where teachers can browse, search, rate, add, share, and organize their favorite Common Core-aligned resources, and put them together in personalized playlists for students. Parents and students can follow sets of resources teachers have prescribed, or search for the ones they like best.

Activate provides access to grade 6-12 curriculum, soon expanding to K-12, in nearly all subject areas, including math, English, and science. The current content has been largely built and published by Summit Public Schools in the San Francisco Bay area and High Tech High in San Diego, high-performing public schools giving their curriculum away for free.

This fall, dozens of school systems nationwide plan to use the platform – the only free content aggregation system in existence that enables teachers to personalize instruction, because the technology allows curricular resources to link electronically to any school system’s student achievement data management systems.

Read the entire press release here.

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