Rebecca Tomasini is in Melbourne, Australia this week speaking at FuturEducation, national conference of educational publishers, educators and policy makers. The conference will explore how educators and publishers can work together to create an eLearning future for students that will enhance their learning and optimize their chances of success. Rebecca will be speaking about her work designing blended learning programs and lessons learned from education in the US, success stories as well as cautionary tales to guide future developments and innovation in education.

Australia hosts symposium for future education
Fran Kelly of Radio National Breakfast, a national current affairs program, talks with Rebecca Tomasini (US) and Keikki Karjalainen (Finland) about education advances in their respective countries and how the lessons they have learned may be applied to advance education in Australia.

In the latest international comparison on education Australia is falling far behind the rest of the world.
A symposium is being held in Melbourne this week to look at the future of education.
Two of the symposium’s international speakers join RN Breakfast.

Follow the link below to hear the whole interview, click Audio Download to stream audio:

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