FAQ for Teachers, Administrators and Parents

FAQ for Teachers:

I already have a successful practice. Why should I change?
How will blended learning change my practice?
How is blended learning different from using learning centers?
What will my role be as a teacher in a blended model?
I don’t currently customize instruction, or I don’t use a lot of small group work. It seems complicated. How can I plan all these different lessons?
I’m the only teacher in my classroom. Will this still work?
How can I stay on track with my school’s curriculum expectations?
What does it take to get started??
I already have my students learning in groups, and I differentiate instruction. What’s next??

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FAQ for Administrators:

I’m afraid this will put a strain on teachers. How will they have time for this?
How can I present this to my board?
What are the technology and budget requirements to make this happen?
How will blended learning affect our state test-prep process?
What’s the best blended learning model for my school to use?
Can blended learning be used in elementary school? Middle school? High school?


FAQ for Parents:

Will my child spend less time developing paper-and-pencil skills?
Is learning from a computer valuable?
How is an automated computer program good for my child?
What will the adjustment to a new classroom setup be like for my child? What will change?
Wasn’t the old way working just fine?
Is the teacher being replaced by a computer?
Will my child get less guidance from the teacher?
Will my child be as well prepared for the next grade level / state tests / honors courses / college?
Will the new classroom environment be too distracting / complicated for my child?
What if my child can’t handle working in groups / working alone / needs constant teacher attention?
What about my child’s special needs? What about his/her IEP?