Videos of Blended Learning in Action at KIPP Courage

KIPP Courage College Prep opened in July of 2012 and serves approximately 300 college-bound 5th, 6th and 7th graders from Houston’s Spring Branch community. KIPP Courage will add an 8th grade in 2015-16. The school will expand by one grade level each year until it eventually serves nearly 400 5th- through 8th-grade students. KIPP Courage is part of the SKY Partnership between the Spring Branch Independent School District, KIPP Houston, and YES Prep. The academic and co-curricular programs at KIPP Courage will develop the academic skills, intellectual habits, and qualities of character that prepare students for high school and going to and through college. Alvo is currently working with KIPP Courage to develop its in-class rotational, lab and cross-curricular blended instructional designs in grades 5-8.

The videos below document the journey of KIPP Courage’s teachers, students, parents and leadership into using blended learning as an instructional method.