With sites like BetterLesson and ShareMyLesson offering databases of lesson plans (with the help of partnerships with large teacher organizations), the arrival of Activate Instruction this summer may beg the question: what’s so special this time?

One answer may be: putting students in the driver’s seat.

Born out of a partnership between Summit Public Schools, the Girard Education Foundation, the student data platform Illuminate Education, and The Alvo Institute, Activate Instruction is a free student-focused resource sharing platform that allows teachers to create, share and organize resources into “playlists.” Students work through the playlists at their own pace.

Activate Instruction was created out of “a vision of what education should be,” according to Jon Deane, Chief Information Officer of Summit Public Schools. The goal was to “totally modularize content and deliver it to kids so that they could access resources that were tied to standards.”

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